How do I make an order?
To make an order simply click on add to cart. You then either have the option to proceed to checkout for payment and delivery options, or the option to continue shopping in order to browse for more products.

How do I register for an account with SUSTO?
Please go to the “LOG IN” tab in the top right of www.susto.co - you will then be taken to a new page where you are asked for an email and password. From your account dashboard, you are then able to add more details such as delivery addresses and payment options.

What are the benefits of having an account with SUSTO?
Having an account with us will save you time when checking out. You will also be able to earn reward points every time you shop with us, you can then redeem back these points as store credits when you shop online.

How does the reward point system work?
You will earn 1 reward point for every 1 php spent online. For every 1 reward point, you can redeem back 1 PHP store credit (This works out to approximately 1.5 reward points for 1 USD spent online. For every 30 reward point, you can redeem back 1 USD store credit). Currently, store credit(s) earned from reward points can only be used online.

How do I sign up for the SUSTO newsletter?
Simply enter your e-mail in the “join our newsletter" tab at the bottom right corner of the webpage. Alternatively you can sign up from your account dashboard, if you already register an account with us. 

How do I track my order?

Once we have shipped you your order, we will send you a text message including your way-bill number to inform you. You will receive the text message once you have confirmed your payment for your items. 



Why do the colours of the product differ from the product images?

Due to studio lightings and different variables affecting the true colour of the product, please refer to fabric close up images for the accurate depiction of the shade.



I have purchased something that has ready stock as well as backordered item, must I wait?

No, we will ship out the ready stock first for domestic orders. For international orders, we will ship your full order out when the backordered item arrives. Any problems with backorder issues or order issues can be sent to info@susto.co.


I made a wrong order! I made an order in impulse, can I cancel it?

All sales are final. We only attend to size exchanges for the same product and colour.

I received a wrong order, what do I do?

Do not fret, please drop us an email at info@susto.co with your order number and right product information


Do you have a physical store?

Please check 'stockists' for a store location that is closest to you.

Do you provide international delivery?

For now, we do not offer International deliveries, but do not fret! We are working on it and we hope to provide this service eventually!

I would love to collaborate? Who do I contact?

Got an idea for a fun, outside-the-box collab? We are always looking for cool, creative girls doing cool, creative things to partner with. Shoot us an email and let us know what makes you a great fit for SUSTO.