#WOMEN Series: Justine Rae Simeon

Dive into our conversation about advocacies, causes, and what can be done by women for women. The following questions are answered by Justine Rae Simeon (IG: @duuhrling), a fashion influencer and creative content creator.

Q1: Tell us about your advocacy. When did it start and how do you live it out?

I advocate for diversity and inclusion. It started when I was a freshman in college and I was exposed to different groups of people that shared different beliefs, lifestyles and cultures.

Q2: Why pick this advocacy?

As part of the community, it is essential to value the voice of each member especially the marginalized group. By active listening, we’d be able to understand and learn from each other.

Q3: What are some challenges this advocacy has been facing?

The alarming invalidation of the Black Lives Matter Movement with the statement “all lives matter”.

Q4: In what ways can people manifest their support for your cause?

The best way is to stay educated and empathetic. Asides from that, they can actively support groups by donating, volunteering or promoting.

Q5: As someone who’s part of the #WOMEN Series, how would you want to use your platform in a way other people may be of benefit to it?


As an influencer, I make sure to work with brands that share the same advocacy. Aside from growing with them, my goal is to build relationships with our audience to create a safe space.

We thank Justine Rae Simeon (IG: @duuhrling) for participating in our #WOMEN Series: an ever-flowing conversation with influencers about what is needed to be addressed and talked about — of what women need.  Comment down below your advocacy and how you live it! 

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