Back to School: 3 Easy Looks Based On Your Mood

I have nothing to wear.

We've all been there. Planning what to wear to school can get a little tiring, and even with strategically alternating your outfits based on your school schedule so no one would notice (MWF and TTH, you know what I'm talking about) sometimes, you just run out of options. 

To ease your dilemma, here are three looks that you can easily plan based on your mood. 

1. Preppy 

For the days when we want to look extra girly and cute for ourselves...or for that someone.


2. Sporty

For the days when we want to dress up athletic or sporty because we got lazy to go to the gym. Our outfit can make up for it, right?

3. Comfy

For the days (or rather, everyday) when we feel lazy. Just throw this dress on and you're good to go! It gets even better because it comes with a hood. Yes, you can finally forget about that umbrella you're lazy to bring!

Get these looks right here.

What are your go-to looks? Share down below!




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