Being a photographer, I spend most of my time behind the camera. Because of this, I get very self-conscious every time I become the subject of its lenses. As a matter of fact, I even get frustrated every now and then because no one can ever take a good photo of me. These are my reasons as to why I started dabbling into self-portraits. 

Doing self-portraits creates a liberating feeling within yourself. It frees you from the fear of being judged by what you are doing in front of the camera. Self-portraits allow you to get to know yourself better as there are things you realize only through performing this process. Through experimentation, you learn how to work with a camera, your best angles and poses. To see a good photo of you then fosters great self-confidence within yours truly. Having the feeling of a self-approved photo of yourself is probably one like no other. It brings out much creativity in you through the improvisation skills needed to pull off your self-portrait/self-care session. Self-care? That’s something you’ll figure out when you try it for yourself! 

So what are you waiting for? Don't you wanna get that extra boost of confidence within you? Besides, I'm sure a lot of us already miss getting dressed up. So, have yourself a natural look or get glammed up, for it doesn't take much to produce your very own self-portraits. All you need is a camera, — the rest you can improvise within the four corners of your house!

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