You want it? We got it. After the previous wave of Susto’s #WOMENTHRIVE Sessions, we have been getting a lot of requests from our beloved community. To bring back the sessions was your request and lo and behold, they are back and ready for you to rewatch countless times! Here are some previews of our Summer 2020 Sessions with our special guests: Czari Domingo, Katrice Kierulf, Summer Is Live, Janeska Marqaux, Lerizze Dizon, and Bettina Hagad. Head on to our Instagram account to watch them in action!


  • Skin Care Routine with Czari Domingo

Starting off with a clean face, Czari shows her audience her own ways of putting on her makeup. While sharing some of her favourite makeup picks, she answers some questions asked by her audience. Check her IGTV on Susto’s Instagram page and watch as Czari preps her face before and after makeup. 


  • At Home: HIIT Class with Katrice Kierulf

Being co-hosted by Micah del Rosario (CEO of Susto The Label), Katrice shows some of her favourite HIIT exercises. While explaining some of the exercises, Katrice teaches Micah the proper postures and positions of her HIIT routine. Join the two by checking Susto’s Instagram TV and get started with your daily sweat!


  • Jam with Summer is Live

The night just got so much better with the amazing appearance of Summer is Live. In her #WomenThrive Session, our community was given a sneak peek to her latest single ‘Finally Found’. Check her out on Spotify and give her songs a listen!


  • A Day in My Life with Janeska Margaux

As a model always on the go, Jane always has to be ready for any OOTD picture. While showing us some of her favorite pieces from Susto, she lets us have a taste of what it’s like to be an inspirational model influencer. Follow her day in style and check out Susto’s Instagram account now!


  • Origin of Pyur with Lerizze Dizon

Truly a woman of passion and dedication, Lerizze discusses the story of how her business, Pyur, came to be. Being interviewed by Micah del Rosario (CEO of Susto The Label), both successful women exchange some experiences when it comes to handling businesses. Join their talk and check out Susto’s IGTV!


  • Cooking Truffle Pasta with Bettina Hagad

    Tagging along her sister, Bettina shows the Susto community one of her favourite recipes: Truffle Pasta. While giving all the details as to what the key ingredients are to this recipe, Bettina and her sister show how it’s done in the kitchen. Try out their recipe and check out Susto’s Instagram page now!

    What’s your favourite #WomenThrive Session? Don’t forget to comment down below what you think, who and what you’d want to see next!

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