#WOMEN Series: Reins Mika Melitante

Dive into our conversation about advocacies, causes, and what can be done by women for women. The following questions are answered by Reins Mika Melitante (IG: @reinsmika), a fashion model and multimedia producer.

Q1: Tell us about your advocacy. When did it start and how do you live it out?

I advocate for quality learning and education for every child. I wish for every boy and girl to receive a good quality education and learn the skills they will need to thrive in the 21st century. To live out this advocacy, I’ve spent my time involving myself in school organizations like Barefoot Philippines. Through this organization, I was given the opportunity to interact with the Aeta people in Barefoot Philippines' partner community, Katutubo Village. I was deeply moved by their reality. Through my visits, I’ve supported their community by spreading awareness, respecting, and sharing in their stories as we take part in an afternoon of music and arts that fittingly celebrates equity and hope on. We also interact with the Aeta children by teaching them how to draw, speak, and play games.

Q2: Why pick this advocacy?

I grew up with a little brother who struggled as a “late talker.” So, my sister and I helped him by conversing with him every day, and eventually, he improved. This was kinda a wakeup call or realization to me because what if other children in the world don’t have access to books, the internet, or other kinds of resources to improve their learning? How will they be able to thrive in the future?

Q3: What are some challenges this advocacy has been facing?

One of the key issues for extending 'quality education' is the limited resources one’s country might have. Such as limited financial resources, institutions, teachers. Unfortunately, not every family can afford to provide their children the same kind of education other people couls. This also becomes an issue because our future depends on our learning when we were younger. And if not everyone has access to it what kind of future are we creating?

Q4: In what ways can people manifest their support for your cause?

Through being active and outspoken. To use their voice in social media to support this advocacy’s cause. Our voices can serve as a powerful tool, especially in this time and age. I believe we must learn how to actively speak for others who can’t speak for themselves

Q5: As someone who’s part of the #WOMEN Series, how would you want to use your platform in a way other people may be of benefit to it?


As I said, being active and outspoken is really important for me, especially now that social media holds power when it comes to disseminating information. As someone who is of influence, I would like to give those who feel voiceless and powerless a platform wherein they would not hesitate in voicing out their opinions and reactions to certain societal issues that they all have a say in. I aspire to be an inspiration not only in fashion but also in advocacies and causes that will truly make changes in this world.

We thank Reins Mika Melitante (IG: @reinsmika) for participating in our #WOMEN Series: an ever-flowing conversation with influencers about what is needed to be addressed and talked about — of what women need.  Comment down below your advocacy and how you live it! 

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