#WOMEN Series: Micah Del Rosario

Dive into our conversation about advocacies, causes, and what can be done by women for women. The following questions are answered by Micah Del Rosario, CEO of Susto The Label.

Q1: Tell us about your advocacy. When did it start and how do you live it out?

SUSTO was built on the philosophy that women can do anything. Being a female-founded and female-lead company since 2008, it continues to live by this belief. “By women, for women” is definitely the internal mantra of our company. It’s a quality and characteristic that we think our customer really admires—women helping other women—and that happens to be one of our biggest causes.

In our world, our mission is to empower the modern girl to make moves by making refined style truly accessible. We truly believe in the power of bringing like-minded, intelligent women together with experiences that enrich their lives.

#WOMENTHRIVE started during international women’s month last year as a celebration of womanhood —how women are bold, fearless, and brilliant in all ways.

Susto is actually a pangasinense term meaning it fits or sakto. Our brand philosophy is to take the work out of dressing up. Us hardworking women we’re so busy working for our dreams. That’s why make clothes that are timeless, wrinkle free and effortless that will last in your clothes for years and years

Q2: Why pick this advocacy?

We want to create a community that feels like the antithesis of the male-dominated stereotype. We have a lot of empathy for this customer, because we are this customer. As I said, Susto means it fits or sakto and that’s what we want our clothes to be—fit and perfect for the modern girl. We know how the modern girl shops. She’s really ambitious, forward-thinking and has a lot of other things pulling at her resources— she’s taking trips, she’s deciding if she can go out to dinner three times this week or buy a new piece she loves. She’s doing a lot of things. We wanted to make sure that the last thing they want is to worry about what to wear.

Q3: What are some challenges this advocacy has been facing?

The brand prides itself on fostering an authentic community of modern women whose shared values include travel, discovery, and refined style. As we’ve learned from our own community, the idea of women thriving can mean many different things to many different people. But our main goal is for women to help out each other. I think the way fashion ties into feminism is foremost by empowering a woman to be the best version of herself. Our values as a company really embody that spirit, as everything we do is in service of her.   

Fashion is also one of the few industries that are largely dominated by women, though unfortunately, it’s rarely in positions of senior leadership. I think the more that those environments can foster a culture of mentorship — women helping create more opportunities for other women — that addresses many of the ideals that are core to feminism.


Q4: In what ways can people manifest their support for your cause?

I’m continually impressed by the incredible women that make up our community. These are women that are building companies, starting families, trying new things, and constantly growing — but they know how to have fun and look stylish while doing it. The opportunity to interact with these women and hear their stories is easily one of the best parts of what I do. At the end of the day,  Susto is meant to be a place where women can also meet other like-minded women and be a part of our greater community.

For us women to help each other, we can manifest this by creating a community where women can collaborate and develop relationships, helping each other to achieve their goals. We’ve spent a lot of time cultivating our customers and community through really personal interactions and events, and they’ve been such an amazing platform for women to network and get to know one another.


Q5: As someone who’s part of the #WOMEN Series, how would you want to use your platform in a way other people may be of benefit to it?


With the resurgence of feminism as a huge topic of conversation within the fashion industry, coupled with our mission to demonstrate how creativity can contribute to some of these larger conversations we are working to craft thoughtful collections of apparel, and accessories, that cater to the modern woman and her lifestyle. When it comes to our assortment, that translates into ensuring our products are accessible in price to reflect our respect for how hard she works for her money; and that they’re refined and polished to project how she wants to be seen. We want our customers to feel that sense of self-confidence and be providing the “power” she needs every morning when she gets ready to face her day. 

In terms of the larger conversation, fashion has in general always been a really incredible platform to shine a spotlight on women. The more that women are elevated into conversations that give us a deeper look into their personal and professional lives, the better off we all are in understanding that perspective. 

We thank Micah Del Rosario (CEO of Susto The Label) for leading our #WOMEN Series: an ever-flowing conversation with influencers about what is needed to be addressed and talked about — of what women need.  Comment down below your advocacy and how you live it!

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