What Being Stylish Really Means



People in relation to fashion are generally categorized into two forms – people who like it and people who simply, don’t. Those who believe in it see fashion as an outlet of self-expression and freedom. For the other half, quite frankly, I wouldn’t know exactly. Style on the other hand is something that we all have internally. It is the reflection of the things we believe, the things we do, and how we want to portray ourselves whether intentionally or subliminally.

As someone who has been dabbling in different forms of fashion my whole life, I have learned not only about what looks good with what, but also how we can take these little footnotes of positivity that can transcend into our daily lives through the clothes we want to wear and how we wear them.


And the greatest footnote of all? Confidence.

I’ve seen gorgeous models beyond insecure about who they are and I’ve seen people who dress in costume-like outfits being the liveliest and most creative people I’ve ever met. The only real difference between them was the fact that there was one side that didn’t care about what people said about them and another that did. It seemed to reflect courage and fear as two concepts to me – how much it challenges people.


From here, I took another footnote. This time, about not letting the kinks you have be a hindrance to your everyday life, but rather finding a way to make those weird things about you beautiful through strategic accentuation. If you don’t understand what I mean here, then look at all the people you know who don’t necessarily fit beauty standards, but look good anyway.


In terms of dressing up, these two footnotes are the main points you need to remember. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear an old tattered shirt or the newest Prada bag, all of that is just preference. The real essence of being stylish is something that comes from within. It is the idea that you are the sole proprietor of who you are and what you wear, with courage. It seems that there is a level of fear associated with dressing up and it should never be the case. People have invented a margin to style but the truth is, even if you don’t like fashion, your style is something you can’t escape. Whether you decide to own it or not is mainly your choice.

Ultimately, the reason why I am writing this as my first article before I head unto lighter topics is because all of my secrets to fashion, beauty, and whatnot would be useless if you do not take this first article into consideration. Please do remember the old cliché, “It’s not about the clothes you wear, but how you wear it.”


Photography By John Patrick Maapni & Allain Dadivas


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