Sunglasses— or shades, as some might refer to them— have always been the one accessory that lets us know who’s the coolest in the crowd, despite having been created initially for the sake of ocular protection. It was later commercialized, and men and women alike suddenly found themselves sporting shades in the summer at the beach, when walking down the street, and driving through the city; some people are known to even sport them at night, all for the sake of the aesthetic.


A case in point: the aviator, a vintage style of sunglasses initially worn by military pilots that eventually developed into one of fashion’s most iconic shapes.

Higher Love

The New York Times, the Guardian, and Vogue have all recently proclaimed to aviators to be making a huge comeback this season, and not without reason: brands all over the world have begun to redefine what it means to rock this military classic in modern times. The classic style now has infusions of tinted lenses, if not more mirrored lenses, rounder frames, and some even go without the nose bride and/or nose pads.

Susto is one such brand that is not an exception.

Star Gaze in gold 

Susto reimagines the classic with three new styles: Higher Love, Star Gaze, and Invader. Each style is unique to Susto’s brand, combining tiny, modern twists-- such as rounder frames, as with Higher Love and Invader, or opting to remove the nose bridge, as with Higher Love-- with the aviator’s iconic shape, timelessness, and class.

We put together a simple inspiration board for how the everyday Susto girl could style these new styles with her day-to-day outfits.

Inspiration Board ft. Star Gaze in gold

STAR GAZE sunglasses in gold
POPPY satin bomber jacket in red
TESS bustier
LULA stripes embroidered cullottes in white
UNO basic leather choker necklace
STAT matte phone case in grey

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