Among the countries I have been to, Tokyo Japan is my favorite place to visit mainly because the fashion culture is really unique compared to the culture in other countries. A wide variety of styles can be seen in this country, from streetwear to a more luxurious style. 

In Tokyo, there is a known “fashion street” wherein people from all over the world buy clothes, and it is Takeshita Street, Harajuku more so that Harajuku station is between Shibuya and Shinjuku in Yamanote line. It is considered as the focal point of fashion in Japan since there are a lot of trendy independent stores, vintage shops, famous brands, reseller stores, and many more. 

In addition, Harajuku has established its own unique fashion style that is known elsewhere, and it is the “Harajuku Style”. It consists of cosplay, western vintage outfits, traditional clothing, gothic style, and etc. So upon entering Harajuku you would see colorful outfits that people are wearing, and also shops that sell outfits that fit the Harajuku Style. You can spend almost an entire day finding pieces that you want in stores in Harajuku, with that I will be sharing with you my top favorite stores in Harajuku. 



When you want some preloved luxurious and streetwear brands, “Ragtag Harajuku” is the place to be. It is a three floor establishment, ground floor consists of formal wear of designers like, CDG, Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Heron Preston, and many more. For the second floor, it consists of famous streetwear brands like, Bape, Supreme, Anti Anti-Social Club, Champion, and etc. Lastly, the third floor consists of designer handbags, more so that you can sell your preloved items to them in exchange for store credit or cash. 


Next is “BerBerJin”: upon researching more about this vintage store, this was originally built 20 years ago, thus experiencing different kinds of fashion trends. This store is perfect when you are looking for vintage outerwear, bottoms, and Jerseys of Polo Sport, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Champion, and etc. More so that they also offer vintage original sneakers, and tees. Lastly is “Pass the Baton”


It is a unique shop that offers not only vintage clothes but also antique furniture and vintage art toys that are famous in Japan. These are my top stores in Japan that I usually visit whenever I have the opportunity to go to Japan. Harajuku is full of fashion stores, like every corner there will always be a store in the open.  Take your time in these stores because there are times that there are rare pieces that are hard to find anywhere.  


If you have been to Harajuku, share your experiences and list down your favorite stores by commenting down below!


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