Floral patterns, polka dots, animal prints, and neon colors had their fair share of popularity in the fashion industry but there’s one trend surpassed them all. Amidst the rise of crazy and extravagant designs, there’s only one that seems to be standing out from the rest – the color black.


Black has always had negative connotations and it may be because the human mind usually attaches it to darkness, terror, and mourning. But looking at it on a different perspective, black exudes mystery and elegance. Its sophistication comes from the versatility of the color. We can go on and on and give you an entire list of reasons but here’s our top 5 reasons why black is the ultimate color:


BASIQ Slip Dress

1. Black gives off an effortless put together look

Thus, the popularity of the little black dress. This fashion staple is the solution to every lazy girl’s dilemma of looking stunning with minimal effort. The LBD is perfect for a crazy night out with your girls paired with your to-die-for 5-inch heels or a carefree Sunday afternoon paired with your favorite white sneakers.


AERI Drape 3/4 Dress

2. It is such a flattering color.


It’s believed that black garments make you look slimmer because it hides the shadow of lumps and bumps of the body. And with that being said, who doesn’t want a dress that hides their buffet belly after?


MAXENCE High-Heel Backless Sandals

3. It perfectly matches with every outfit.


May it be jeans, skirts, and dresses, a black shoe simply completes your ensemble. Pair the MAXENCE High Heel Backless Sandals with jeans and a white shirt for a sophisticated laidback look.


THE SILK Skinny Scarf

4. You can always play up with your accessories without feeling overdressed.


The beauty of this color is found in its simplicity which is why mixing and matching it with dainty accessories will give you an elevated stylish look. The SILK Skinny Scarf is the perfect addition to your list of fashion staples.



SERA Dress

5. And lastly, black is a timeless piece that lets you play with classic looks and make it feel modern.


So you see, more than just being a fabric color, black in fashion is a representation of one’s style and personality. It tells a story of who the person is. Black is bold. Black is fearless. Black is timeless.

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