Admit it or not, any woman is most likely to feel beautiful wearing something she is comfortable in. What makes clothes comfortable to be worn by a woman? Well, quality, style and trends are surely part of those reasons. However, these are not all. If they were, then why would we be having fashion icons that we look up to and idolise, right?

We all know that fashion idols wear so many different outfits which jump from style to style. Whether or not their outfit matches our personality and style, we’d still be wanting to have that particular OOTD look. Why is that? Seeing our fashion icons walking down the streets, we see something more than the clothes they’re wearing. We see confidence and power. We then associate this confidence and power to the pieces they’re in which lead us to wanting to wear their looks in hopes of feeling as confident and empowered as them. 

As you are our Susto community, I am here to show you how to steal iconic outfits worn by 3 of the most influential women in our society, by wearing Susto.


  1. A laid-out outfit worn by Zendaya


Love going out and being comfortable in your loungewear? Steal Zendaya’s outfit with our Lili Slip Dress (Php 2,599) available in black and sacramento green.


  1. A fancy casual look from Bella Hadid


Having a night out with friends? Partner up our Jolie Pocket Skirt (Php 2,299) with a cute top and you're ready for the night!


  1. A breezy weather with Duchess Kate Middleton


Going on a trip during the winter season? Look fashionable in your OOTD looks with our Vola Coat (Php 3,899) while staying warm and cozy!


Viola! Let us know what Susto items would you want to wear by commenting down in the comments section below!


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