The growing trend of eco fashion has definitely reached hype in recent years, with different platforms of preach and workshop, I think it’s safe to say that voices have been heard and lessons have been learned. But if you haven’t joined the bandwagon of what’s known as Sustainable Fashion, here’s a little run-through:

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion or economic fashion is our answer to the problem that is fast fashion. Fast changing, mass produced, very affordable and has absolutely no regard for the environmental repercussions of getting all that money.

Sustainable fashion can be achieved through little, everyday decisions like choosing timeless pieces over the latest trends worn by a Hollywood icon, or reusing and passing down old clothes that have maintained its quality over the years. Some people even go to the extent of reconstructing old pieces to ultimately maximize the use of their purchase—but it definitely doesn’t take a lot to support this economic movement.

Here are 5 things you can do to support the movement:

1. Go for the classics.
When looking for things to purchase, always for the timeless classics. This means being able to imagine yourself in the same dress in two to three years time, and having absolutely no problem about it. So going for the plain white tee, button-up polo and little black dress are basic examples of timeless classics you can always work around. Accessorize, layer or deconstruct, whatever floats your boat.

2. Pay for good quality.

Good quality is an investment you must never compromise. So splurge on those jeans or trousers, and don’t fret because you’ll be in them for years.

3. Don’t be afraid of vintage.  

It’s definitely not a chic as New York, but purchasing pre-loved thrift clothes will definitely save you a couple of bucks, and mother Earth. The surplus of garments in thrift shops or ukay-ukays can supply your closet for a five lifetimes. Just be patient, and take your time, you will find something you like.

4. DIY’s will save your life.
Want to get into the patch on denim trend but don’t find it worth the trouble? Do It Yourself. Hand sew store-bought patches on jeans or denim jackets and take them out when you’ve scratched that itch. DIY’s are easy, affordable and can keep you up to date with the trends you think you’re missing out on. Tip: Almost everything is on Youtube!

5. Keep talking.
If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, then we haven’t done our job. So use your voice and start your own buzz, because people need to know that this is a problem and they can help. So practice what you preach, and make sure you’re seen, you’re heard, and you’re making change.