Isn’t it so frustrating that when summertime comes, even the slightest movement makes us sweat buckets? Yeah, we’ve all been there. What’s even more infuriating is every time we put on our skin care products, it just seems to melt away one second after application. Who wants their precious products going to waste right? 


I’ve grown tired of this never-ending summer cycle, so I took it upon myself to research and purchase products that are super lightweight which not only prevented that “post skin care sweat” every summer but also helped me achieve clear and glowy skin!


My morning routine is super short and simple with only 3 to 4 steps. I mean let’s be real, nobody has the time to do their Korean 10 step skin care routine every morning especially during the summer. Why have 10 steps when you can have 3 steps that work just the same? 


To start, my favorite toner is the cult favorite Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner. On a cotton ball, I splash a few drops of the toner and then gently swipe it all over my face. This just gets rid of the leftover dirt which wasn’t taken care of by my cleanser. Next up, I moisturize using the Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion. This is my holy grail moisturizer because it’s super light but super moisturizing! It contains birch sap too so it helps with calming the skin, which is perfect for summer! Next up is probably the most important step in a morning routine: sunscreen! I use Face Republic’s Super Screen Sun Gel and this sunscreen is perfect for the summer because it’s not sticky and heavy unlike other brands. It doesn’t leave a white cast too so that’s a huge plus! It’s important to put on sunscreen every day. Yes, you heard me. Every day. That includes days when you’re just at home. Why do you ask? Well, the sun shows up through your windows too and without protection, your skin might just age way faster than you think. Who wants wrinkles and saggy skin at a young age am I right? On the days I have red spots or irritation, I put a small dot of the Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream on the affected area. It contains centella asiatica which is super good for treating inflammation and irritation which we often get when it’s too hot. After that, I go on with my day without breaking a sweat while applying my skin care products! 


These products really help me save so much time in my morning routine and it also leaves my skin clear and glowy. It’s super perfect for the summer because it’s lightweight and the products contain a lot of calming properties. If you try these products out, let us know how it was for you in the comment section below! 

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