Whether it’s from Instagram or TikTok, new camera tricks are popping up and we’re here for them! As we do our part and stay home, we might catch ourselves taking a few photos either to share or just pure vanity. We need to pass the time somehow right?

Maybe you noticed some trending camera tricks too! Well, I decided to try three tricks to test if it was a hassle as it looked. I sure had a lot of fun seeing how they turned out though. Check them out!

  • Mirror Meets the Outdoors

Yes. I had to carry my bulky mirror down the stairs and out the door. I had to angle the mirror (and myself) a whole lot of ways to achieve a not so awkward shot. I like how this one turned out because the natural lighting gave me a halo effect. I’ll take an angel look any day! This trick is perfect for showing off your cute top or just needing that extra brightness from the sun. Because the less editing the better.


  • Literally Flatlay

I saw this camera trick meant for food. But hey! Whatever works to get that Instagram-worthy shot. All you have to do is lay your phone on the edge of any flat surface just a few feet high. This could be a table, a chair, or a cabinet even. You can even secure it with a little weight. Then crawl right under there, as silly as it sounds. Try this out if you like a blurred and focused effect. I think I had my own Ariana Grande Music Video moment with this one. You be the judge.

(My view)


  • Infamous Toilet Roll and Flashlight


I always wondered what it would be like to have a spotlight on me on stage. Who knew it could be done at home? This camera trick has taken the social media world by storm. Maybe it deserves its own spotlight. Ever wondered the purpose of the toilet roll core? I think it was made for this very moment… a photoshoot opportunity obviously. Just attach the tube over the flashlight of your phone and shoot in the dark. Bring out the fierce side in you!


If you have time to read this article, then you have time to try these trending camera tricks. It might take a bit of effort and planning but I bet your followers will ask how you pulled off such bomb shots. Show off your creative side then tag @sustothelabel on Instagram or @susto on Facebook when you try any of these tricks.

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