IN CONVERSATION: The Ultimate Popquiz

With 15k followers (and counting) Raiza Poquiz seems more than prepared to take over the world. She’s an interior designer and a blogger, whose website emulates what it means to be Miss Popquiz: from fashion to lifestyle, beauty to design, her site is an expression of all things classic, contemporary, and woman.

It’s also worth mentioning that she’s got a whopping 15k (and counting) following on her Instagram. Wew.

Raiza spoke to Susto on her inspirations, personal style, and what it means to be a Susto girl.

What got you interested in fashion?

Attending design school & seeing what everyone was wearing helped me explore my sense of style.

Describe your sense of style. What makes what you're wearing you?

It's difficult to describe my sense of style because I can go from corpo-chic to streetwear. I tend to wear things that are more timeless & understated, but always going for that somewhat edgy look.

What is your favorite outfit to date?

I'm really a shirt, jeans & heels kind of girl, so I easily fall in love with great quality tees & denim. I also love wearing heels, so a nice pair of stilettos are definitely part of my favorite outfit. And I love sneakers just as much!

Tell us about an outfit you look back to now and absolutely regret?

I absolutely dread my dress & leggings/tights outfits back in college. They were just so easy to throw on then. I kinda hate leggings now.

What does it mean for you to be a Susto girl?

There's always something more to a Susto girl than meets the eye.

Why do you wear Susto?

Susto really compliments a girl's body. Whether you're posh or a little angsty, you can come up with more than one look with the flexibility of the pieces.

Could you give our readers any piece of advice on what it takes to be in fashion?

In fashion, I really think you have to train your eye in what looks tasteful. You have to draw out your personal style, by learning how to mix and match pieces. Continue to learn more about yourself and what makes you feel confident.

Raiza is wearing the PRIM linear top and the DIXIE jumpsuit. Shop Raiza’s look and more here.


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