#IAMSUSTO: An Open Photoshoot Celebrating Individuality

Last year, Susto threw an open photoshoot at The Park Shangri-la to celebrate local talents. This year, we held our open photoshoot at Ayala UP Town Center to celebrate individuality. As the usage of social media progresses, we often put on a facade to conform to society’s standards. We often wish to project the perfect lifestyle by painting this enviable image of us—that our lives are filled with expensive belongings, flawless physiques, and endless travelling. To much extent, as we hit “share” on our images, we constantly check for validation as if our self worth equates to our number of likes and followers. Because we aim to empower women to thrive without boundaries, Susto launched the #IAMSUSTO campaign, where every personality was celebrated.

At the event, guests were able to curate their own styles with our clothing, get makeovers that best suit their personalities, and strike poses, from our very own glam booth, that emanate their true selves. Even just for a day, we successfully provided an outlet where everyone can embrace who they are.

Certainly, #IAMSUSTO would not be possible without the generosity of BYS, Girl Stuff, When in Manila, Chalk, Loop Me, Cream Silk, and The Park. SIP and The Dessert Table were also present to provide guests refreshments and desserts. Altogether, we were able to empower women to show the world the thrill of simply being themselves.



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