What’s stopping you? You know you wanna do it. Why don’t you? You can’t? Hmm… these movies don’t think so. Here are my Top 5 Mo- - Oh wait, just kidding. Maybe just stuck at home? Well, lucky for you girls (and guys), I am here to present to you my Top 5 Netflix PH Movies that just can’t help but scream ‘girl boss’.

#1 - The Devil Wears Prada


Having to work for the coldest ceo in fashion, Andrea has yet to know what will please her boss. Miranda is renowned for managing the most prestigious magazine in the industry, while Andrea’s known for owning twilled sweaters. In the pursuit of pleasing Miranda, Andrea finds the willpower within her to overcome all the challenges that come along with the job that a million girls would kill for and prove herself worthy in the fashion industry.

#2 - Burlesque

Growing up in a small town, Ali has always dreamt of living in the cities to pursue her life-long dream of being a professional singer. Having come across a club at Los Angeles, she decided she wanted to join the dancers on stage. So, with her head held high and stilettos on point, she is not letting anything or anyone stand in her way chasing her dreams. 

#3 - The House Bunny


Being too old to be staying at the playboy mansion, Shelley has found herself wanting to help a bunch of sorority girls who also have a similar dilemma of having to move out of their Zeta house. Going through troubles hand-in-hand, Shelley was not only able to show the girls their true worths, but also she may have learned quite a few things about herself and age.

#4 - Two Weeks Notice


In fighting for her advocacies and what she believes in, a lawyer finds herself working for a man she has despised most of her life. Ignoring all the standards people have set upon an assistant of Mr. Wade, Lucy does her job with excellency to a point wherein her boss couldn’t live a day without her. Handing in her two weeks notice, things start taking a turn. However, she does not fail to fight for her advocacies and stands her ground even at the face of love.

#5 - Easy A


Being in high school sure comes with a lot of pressure from one’s peers. When Olive decided to lie to her best friend about her popping the cherry, rumours started spreading like wildfire. Ashamed, Olive turned things around when she embraced the idea people are picturing of her. Being all mighty and powerful on the surface, Olive soon realised true happiness and the power of friendship.

From drama to comedy with a little bit of romance, there you have it folks! These movies do not only entertain but they showcase how powerful a woman can be when she puts her mind into something. So, grab your favorite snacks and give these movies a go! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below what you think!


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