Always on the go? Be ready with your essentials when catching meetings and running errands with Susto’s Etta Envelope Bag! With its accommodating size and fashionista look, you will certainly be ready for any runs and OOTD pictures! You can check it out on and Zalora.

(Etta Envelope Bag available in black and white)


What else are we waiting for? Let’s head on and talk about the essential things your bag should be carrying around, anytime and anywhere. 


  • Mobile

    Carrying a bag that can hold your mobile phone is definitely a no-brainer. Let’s all be real. A mobile phone is a must these days since it carries all the applications we use in our day to day lives. Not only that, but it carries necessary information (contact numbers) ourselves can sometimes have a difficulty remembering. So ladies, be sure to have bags that can carry your mobile phones! This way, you don’t necessarily need to always be holding your phone in your hands.


    • Cardholder

      May it be a wallet or a coin purse, a bag must always be able to fit at least a cardholder! How are you gonna be able to shop til you drop without your cash or cards on you, right? Remember girls, invest in fashion bag pieces but invest in those which can at least fit your mobile phone and cash!


      • Keys

        Now, I know not everybody drives around but I am pretty sure everybody lives in a residential home right? Let’s not get stuck out of our homes and vehicles shall we? With this, make sure your bags can handle your keys! Not only would it be very inconvenient to have your keys dangling on your fingers, but having your keys in your bag takes away the risk of you losing them. 

        Well there’s that! What do you think of my top 3 bag essentials? Share yours and comment down below!


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