We love passionate, confident, and especially empowered business women. No matter how they started or how they’re paving their way, with these traits, nothing can stand in their way. We thought we would interview two women from two different generations on their thoughts on the topic and how they dress to conquer the business world. After all, you are never too young or too old to show the world what you have to offer.

Via Arboleda, 22 years old

Q: What is your business and why did you start it?

I sell thrifted and preloved clothing online and I also offer hair and makeup services both via Instagram pages. I started them because I wanted to offer my passion for fashion and makeup to those who are not so familiar or comfortable doing them yet on their own. Of course, extra income doing things I love is an added bonus too, right? 

Q: As a businesswoman or a woman in general, what makes you feel empowered?

What makes me feel empowered is knowing that I can make a significant change in the way people perceive makeup and thrift shopping. Another thing that empowers me is being able to give advice to others and become a go-to for them when talking about these! Finally, empowerment comes from the confidence I’ve gained throughout the experiences I’ve had aside from fashion and make up. 

Q: What do you wear or how do you dress to help you feel confident?

I wear outfits that make me feel at ease but also show my personality. Classy and elegant with a pop of color, if I may. Also, wearing makeup massively boosts my confidence because I feel like I look more presentable and well put together. It completes and shows the extra effort into the look!

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Ms. Anonymous, 43 years old


Q: What is your business and why did you start it?

My mother was a great home cook and had the most delicious recipes that has been considered a tradition in our family. Why keep these special and delicious family recipes within the confines of our family? We decided to share these recipes with our friends and their friends who immediately fell in love with these dishes. Many came back for more and we knew that this was not only an opportunity for profit but an avenue to share happiness in a plate.


Q: As a businesswoman or a woman in general, what makes you feel empowered?

We do things in integrity, even in the food business! Everything organic. From the ingredients to the processes, e.g. we make sure that we do not use preservatives or anything artificial for our food. Why? One should have a thrust for authenticity. After all, that is the touch of a mother! It is in her authentic love that a child finds comfort and home and that is precisely where I find my feminine empowerment.


Q: What do you wear or how do you dress to help you feel confident?

I'm confident when I am comfortable. Workout clothes are my go-to attire to get me ready for the physical needs in the kitchen, at the gym, or for whatever's needed for me in the day.


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We thank these two businesswomen for sharing a glimpse of their passions, their thoughts on confidence and empowerment, and even their fashion sense. Comment below your own empowerment story!







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