Do you ever get bored whenever you do the same type of cardio during your workout sessions? For instance, you jog daily for around 30 minutes to an hour, and you have discovered that there are no significant changes in your weight. 

Do you wonder if the people at the gym doing the same cardio lose weight?  For some people, doing the same cardio exercises are effective in weight loss or maintenance, while for some, they are having a dilemma with dealing with “Plateau”. Plateau refers to a sudden decrease in the results of your regular workouts.  It may be because you do the same workout every day, or that you are training so hard that your body needs to rest. 

To help you have a more effective cardio training, I will be introducing you to HIIT, or also called as High-Intensity Interval Training. The difference between a HIIT training and the normal cardio training is that HIIT training forces you to up the intensity of your workout in a short period, on the other hand for the normal cardio training it rations and helps you store your energy for you to last longer in your workouts.

HIIT Training is an intense cardio session that incorporates short bursts of various workouts in a short span of time.  It's a combination of a 20-45-minute-high intensity workout and a low-intensity rest. If you are too lazy to do cardio or bored that you always do the same cardio every day, HIIT can certainly help you mix up your cardio training and at the same time your strength training. 

Resting periods between each set also play a vital role in the training. The combination of both levels helps with fat loss due to the immense shifts, from both levels, the body undergoes.  The workouts,  which include bodyweight or added weights, will not only spike up your heart rate, but also help you shred your muscles and fats, and speed up your metabolism.  It will also help you in muscle endurance, and strength development. 

In addition to that, your oxygen capacity will increase. Now you do not need to do HIIT every day, you can work out at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes minimum and 45 minutes maximum.

I know this type of training is a little bit more challenging, but give it a try and maybe you won't regret it. To get you started, here is a free workout routine from Let us know how it went by commenting in the comments section down below.


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